Experience and Capabilities

• Process Design and Development - oilseeds, vegetable protein, grains and feeds

• Machinery and Equipment Design - material handling, processing equipment, piping, instrumentation

• Process Automation - PLC programming, database development, HMI development and design

• Foundations - Screw piles, cast-in-place piles, raft foundations, reinforcement detailing, concrete in-field testing services

• Structural - steel design and detailing, process enclosures and equipment supports, access and safety

                  - cranes and lifting devices, catwalks and support towers

• Rail - spur track design and layout, rail loading, access and dust control, rail scales and integration

• Bulk Storage and Handling - large diameter steel bins and foundations, storage buildings, reclaim systems

Laser scanning - industry standard laser scanning services for large-scale measuring projects

Aerial drone with ultra-high high definition camera for elevated or unreachable inspection by photo or remote video




Past and Ongoing Industrial Projects

• Canola Oil Processing
• Vegetable Protein Extraction and Concentration
• Organic Pesticide Production
• Ethanol Processing
• Bioenergy and Biomass Burners
• Alfalfa Dehydration and Feed Processing
• Specialty Crops Processing
• Pea and Lentil Splitting
• Oriented Strand Board
• Grain Elevating and Storage
• Forestry Temporary Bridges
• Pulp Molding and Paper Recycling

 Technical and Design Services for the Agricultural Processing Industry.