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 Technical and Design Services for the Agricultural Processing Industry.

Integrated Protein Extraction Facility with Byproduct Drying
Western Canada Canola Crushing facility - multiple projects throughout the plant
We have designed and commissioned many projects in several of the canola processing operations in Western Canada, in various parts of those operations - from seed storage to rail loading.
Complete design of major expansion to milling area of a large ethanol plant
Integration of natural gas turbine exhaust with large biomass dryer
This project included the use of exhaust gases from a 4MW natural gas turbine electrical generator to dry waste agricultural biomass for use in fertilizer products.
Complete renovation of a major grain storage facility
20 large steel grain bins refurbished, placed on new foundations, with complete fill and discharge conveyance system for entire storage yard
Automation system for a large pea and lentil splitting and processing facility
Integration of Thermal Oxidizer Plant for Major Ethanol Producer
Specialized overhead cranes for high-tec wood processing line
Design incorporated two - 10 Ton overhead cranes into an existing timber frame sawmill building.
Tank car loading facility for major oilseed producer
Special vermin-resistant building frame design with no protruding frame edges for ease of cleaning. Integrated containment, elevated rail design.
Food grade railcar washing facility
Complete comprehensive design of tank railcar washing, loading and scaling facility without interruption to railcar loading operations.
High speed truck unloading at a major inland grain terminal
This major receiving upgrade to a busy grain terminal added a complete new one-stop scale and pit, all while the existing adjacent scale stayed operational.
Truck and rail loading access for a flour milling operation in Saskatoon
The structural tower and foundation project gave secure access to the finished product storage bins and equipment, in a tight construction footprint.
Additions to a major canola gathering station for NFPA compliance explosion protection and NFPA compliance
Large food-grade oat processing facility - various structural and process projects during development
Greenfield development of a major grain gathering and processing facility with rail loop track
Development of the layout and site earthwork included a large grain storage pad for flat bottom bins, a wide access road, and tie-ins to the CN main line for a future loop loading track.
Protein extraction facility - complete process and equipment integrtation of a state-of-the-art protein concentration plant from whole pea feedstock
Design work included all structural and foundation work, integration of fine grinding and classification units, whole pea pre-processing, hulls handling and protein pelleting systems.
Mechanical Vapour Recompression Evaporator
500 hp high speed compressor evaporator used in concentration of extracted protein from canola meal. Product is high protein fish feeds and animal feeds.
Screw pile foundations being installed for a truck loading access platform
We have a large library of standard helical pile (screw pile) designs, and use screw piles in many innovative ways to save foundation costs and installation times